Effective Management of Municipalities

PrioriCity is a dedicated solution developed to serve the needs of local government, municipalities and utility providers. PrioriCity provides a single point of access for managing collections and enforcement, education, and maintenance, enabling you to provide the highest level of service to your constituents, while maintaining tight control over revenue and expenditures across departments. The system also includes built-in analysis and control, BPM and financial reporting tools.

Package Includes

Taxpayer Data

Taxpayer (business/household) data, property tax information and other pertinent citizen/municipal information


Billing and collection of property tax, licensing, water and garbage collection and other municipal services


Management of parking and other local government enforcement services (billboards, waste disposal, etc.)

Long Term Contracts with Set Payment Dates

A unique utility for managing long-term contracts, which have an agreed price and fixed payment schedule

Water and Sewer

Financial Statements

Reporting and Analysis

Payments and Collections


Comprehensive Insights of Your Business

Gained through a wide range of reports and analysis and real-time view of your business


Complex and critical purchasing, receiving and warehousing processes become much easier

Cost Control​

Keep tight control over banking and cash flow activities to help streamline processes be efficent in a resource-sensitive environment