Construction ERP

Spend less time planning and more time doing with complete visibility and control over your construction operations.

Build profitability

Priority’s Construction ERP is an end-to-end solution designed to manage the needs of construction companies. Automating and streamlining your processes with integrated tools, including financials, budgeting, cost control, subcontractor management, bidding, contracts and more, Priority’s Construction ERP allows you to manage your construction project from start to finish, with powerful, real-time insights of your operations.

Make Projects More Effective!

Priority‘s construction module is fully integrated with all other Priority‘s modules and is aimed for organizations involved in land purchase, development and residential property management. True, advanced construction ERP software provides companies operating in this sector full control over all business processes required, and enables you to manage every aspect of your project, from financials to purchasing and inventory.

Construction ERP Key Features

Contractual Relationships

Manage contractual relationships between the company and its receivers (customers), including billing and collections, enabling you to manage and control budgets, and actual costs versus contractual obligations, with measurable insights into your entire sales operations and revenues.


Manage subcontractor relationships, include deliverables and contractual obligations. Monitor and track subcontractors on single or multiple projects, and on multiple sites

Budget & Costing

Create budgets and keep track of project’s costs and profits. Create detailed budget and costing based on real-time operational and financial data integrated into the system. 

Commercial & Real-Estate

Manage property sales, real estate letting processes. All the tools you need to efficiently manage commercial property sales, financials, and administration, including real-estate purchasing and rental processes.

Change Requests

Manage your projects from start to finish with customer change requests seamlessly integrated into Priority ERP, from change management and project planning, through resource management, to actual delivery of raw materials, end-products, and services.


Priority’s bid process management gives you the tools you need to create and register an RFQ, and translate it into a complete set of customer requirements, including price quote version control.


Comprehensive Insights of Your Business

Gained through a wide range of reports and analysis and real-time view of your business.


Complex and critical purchasing, receiving and warehousing processes become much easier

Integrated Financials

Priority helps you maintain full accountability while giving you the agility needed to respond to shifting market conditions.

Cost Control

Keep tight control over banking and cash flow activities to help streamline processes and make better decisions.

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