Financial Services ERP

All the tools needed by financial services companies to achieve top-to-bottom control over their operations.

Full financial visibility

Priority ERP is a comprehensive offering designed to help financial service companies (banks, investment banking firms, insurance companies, tax and accounting firms, credit card companies, lenders, brokerage houses, etc.) automate and manage their operations, including billing, payments to vendors, fixed assets, cash management, cost and budget control, human resources, built-in reporting, project management, and more.

Smarter Service, Improved Efficiency!

Priority enables you to overcome these challenges by providing a comprehensive solution in the following areas: Accounting, tax regulations, human resources, reporting, project management and more. Priority provides an end-to-end solution, integrating data from multiple departments, managing complex processes, and enabling you to quickly and efficiently adapt to changes. Use Priority‘s financial services industry ERP software to go the ‘extra mile’ for your customers and successfully manage your organization.

Financial Services ERP Key Features

Financial Reporting

GL, P&L, Trial Balance, Account Trees; Build customized statements using the Financial Statement Generator.

Integrated Analysis Tools

Custom dashboards and BI reports.

Multi-Company Flexibility

Manage customer accounts in separate companies; Convert any form into a multi-company form quickly and easily.

Revenue Recognition

Get the tools and insights to record and report revenue accurately and transparently. Make better-informed decisions via a data-driven solution, manage revenue effectively, and get a clear understanding of the impact of revenue on overall financial stability.

Regulatory and Tax Compliance

Clear, relevant, reliable, and vital financial regulatory compliance and control tools to efficiently manage compliance with financial regulations, such as the (GAAP) or (IFRS) help organizations enforce industry-specific regulatory compliance and track, verify, and audit transactions.

Fixed Assets

Manage the end-to-end process of the fixed assets lifecycle, with seamless integration to accounts payable, inventory management, and general ledger. Manage sales, and calculate tax and box depreciation, proposals, adjustments, and revaluations through multiple methods of business asset input that can also be recorded automatically in a fixed asset journal and save time and effort on back-office management of assets operations.


Comprehensive Insights of Your Business

Gained through a wide range of reports and analysis and real-time view of your business.


Complex and critical purchasing, receiving and warehousing processes become much easier

Integrated Financials

Priority helps you maintain full accountability while giving you the agility needed to respond to shifting market conditions.

Cost Control

Keep tight control over banking and cash flow activities to help streamline processes and make better decisions.

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