Medical Devices ERP

Meet regulatory compliance, manage complex manufacturing processes, and improve tracking and traceability.

MedTech redefined

Priority ERP can help you complete critical operational tasks, including lot tracking, inventory costing, and planning and forecasting, while the system’s integrated reporting and analysis tools give you all the information you need to make better-informed business decisions. 

Medical Devices - Maintaining the Highest Possible Standards!

Safety and compliance are the trademarks of this industry. Priority provides a proven solution that can help you meet the challenges of R&D, engineering, and rigorous QA cycles, as well as distribution management and tracking. Meeting the strict rules and guidelines set by regulatory agencies such as the FDA, Priority allows you to monitor, control, validate and audit all the processes across the manufacturing and distribution paths. 

Priority‘s medical device manufacturing ERP can help you complete critical tasks such as lot tracking, inventory costing, planning and forecasting, while providing reporting and analytical tools needed to make critical business decisions.

Medical Devices ERP Key Features

QA Sampling and Lab Testing

Priority ERP enables you to view, access and share QA sampling and lab testing data, including worklists, due dates, testing methods, or inspection lot details. Full visibility of real-time validated information, leads to better-informed and more accurate decision-making.

Serial, Lot Tracking and Traceability

Track serialized parts and their lot attributes throughout the part’s life cycle. You’ll have full control over parts as they move through your production process, and track serialized parts and their lot attributes throughout the entire part lifecycle. 

Inventory Control

Maintain optimum inventory levels by inventory analysis, save on costs and resources, improve service levels to meet current and future production needs, and manage tracking and traceability, with tight control on inventory replenishment.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Determines material requirements based on sales orders, open work orders or frequency of need. Priority MRP determines material requirements based on sales orders, open work orders or frequency of need. Integrated into Priority ERP, MRP helps you effectively plan your manufacturing tasks, delivery schedules, purchasing activities, and more.. 

Product Data Management (PDM)

PDM is the process of capturing and managing your organization’s product-related data, so it can be reused in business processes, such as sales order management, purchasing, cost accounting, and logistics. Maintain part numbers, bill of materials (BOM), and integrate with Product Change Control (PCC) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). 

Cost Management

Priority provides full support for FIFO and Moving Average costing methods, including flexible costing parameter definition, cost burdening, and the ability to make calculations based on standard or actual costs, to increase profitability, and your bottom line.

RoHS Compliance

Inventory management compliant with the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive. 


Comprehensive Insights of Your Business

Gained through a wide range of reports and analysis and real-time view of your business.


Complex and critical purchasing, receiving and warehousing processes become much easier

Integrated Financials

Priority helps you maintain full accountability while giving you the agility needed to respond to shifting market conditions.

Cost Control

Keep tight control over banking and cash flow activities to help streamline processes and make better decisions.

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