Agriculture ERP

Streamline and automate your entire production, packaging and distribution process with a comprehensive ERP solution.

Put ERP behind your crops

From the packing of crops to the distribution of food all over the country, Priority’s dedicated agricultural production management and distribution solution enables you to effectively control your end-to-end operations, from the field to your customer’s kitchen table. Fully integrated with scales, sorting machines, and barcode scanners and printers, Priority enables you to work faster and smarter, without the need for costly additional software.

A Comprehensive Solution for Agricultural Produce Distributors!

AgroPriority enables you to get your job done faster and more efficiently without requiring expensive additional software products. Uniquely designed agriculture software, now you can track perishable products from the growers’ plot through packing, warehousing and on to final delivery. AgroPriority does all this, while providing the full range of financial reporting and analysis tools included in the basic package.

Agriculture ERP Key Features

Multiple Units of Measure

Efficiently manage your production, inventory, and distribution, with multi-unit measures support stocking, purchasing, selling, shipping, manufacturing, and reporting on product-by-product and product-facility specific basis processing to allow producers and distributors to sell, purchase, manufacture, receive, store, and ship in any unit of measure required.

Integration with Peripherals

Comprehensive bi-directional integration with scales, sorting machines, barcode scanners, and printers. Fast and seamless integration with these and other equipment and technologies eliminates the need for costly additional software.


Manage pallet statuses and combine disparate products, packaged or bulk, on a single pallet. AgroPriority helps promote efficient storage, handling and transport for the combination of goods and the pallet base. Benefit from faster loading/unloading, delivery vehicle turnaround, reduced labor requirement vs. manual handling, better preserve perishable produce and decrease risk of damage during distribution.

Tracking & Traceability

Track perishable products and raw materials from the growers’ field through packing, warehousing, and on to final delivery, including the ability to maintain GPS coordinates to identify the product origin. Easily track and trace the product, or access product information along the supply chain via recorded identification via barcode or RFID tag.

Financials & Profitability

Gain integrated financials for full accountability and the ability to quickly respond to shifting market conditions. Gain complete visibility of your supply chain’s key economic and financial aspects, to improve the decision-making process and increase revenue. Calculate gross vs. net income reporting costs, shipment-related analysis, projected vs. actual costs, and more.

Customer Service

Enhance the overall customer experience by efficiently tracking sales orders, customer relationship management, physical distribution of goods, billing, invoicing, and more. Process sales forecast, orders, plan distribution schedules, and better manage customer service, handling customer complaints through to resolution.


Comprehensive Insights of Your Business

Gained through a wide range of reports and analysis and real-time view of your business.


Complex and critical purchasing, receiving and warehousing processes become much easier

Integrated Financials

Priority helps you maintain full accountability while giving you the agility needed to respond to shifting market conditions.

Cost Control

Keep tight control over banking and cash flow activities to help streamline processes and make better decisions.

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