Mobile App Solutions

It's time for mobile! No longer just desktop computing.

That’s right. Now, any organization with Priority ERP in place can quickly and easily generate a mobile application without the need for IT support nor any additional costs.

Based on recent Priority mobile workplace survey results, most employees (nearly 70%) do not sit at a workstation with a desktop computer. Rather, they spend a major portion of their workday out in the field, traveling, in meetings, on-site at customers, manufacturers, warehouses, etc. Most of their tasks are in fact, based on emails or applications that were not integrated into their company’s centralized management system.

Mobile has long been an integral part of our daily routines. Surprisingly, however, the adoption of mobile applications in organizations is significantly lower than mobile use in our personal lives. Today, there are numerous generic applications already in use in organizations. These include, above all else, email, internal communications and others. At Priority, we also offer our customers a range of applications, particularly for employees based in the field, such as sales, technicians, drivers and more.

However, as core processes continue to drive the organization forward and as these same processes become more unique and specialized, the use of applications decreases. One of the barriers to a broader adoption of mobile apps inside the organization is the lack of technology that enables companies to generate apps best suited to its processes, while fully connecting and synchronizing with its core systems.

Priority brings a new and vibrant alternative to the forefront of technology. Today, we invite you to put an end to desktop computing… with just a few easy clicks.

Mobile App Generator

Priority’s mobile app generator enables organizations to create effective mobile apps in just minutes! Build awesome customer apps without the need for programming skills, with all the tools you need to manage your digital organization with minimal dependence on 3rd party suppliers.

Priority’s mobile app generator is an exceptionally high-quality, high-standard app that delivers an enhanced user experience:

  • Hassle-free backend integration, built-in security and user management; write once and run everywhere – no need for porting to devices or OS
  • Does not require programming skills and every IT admin can generate an app out of existing flows/processes in Priority in minutes
  • Remote and field employees can easily engage with customers where and when it matters most
  • Business teams can increase marketing and sales campaigns, enhance customer service and support and make better, faster business decisions using the app’s real-time analytics
  • Built-in Security and User Management
  • Best practices for app development provided by Priority


Web/Mobile SDK

For users looking to leverage additional capabilities and embed external components, develop more complex applications or more extensive design options, Priority introduces the Web/Mobile Software Development Toolkit (SDK).

If you want to use the full capabilities of your smartphone or mobile device not supported by the app generator (e.g. map view), add capabilities or steps not from an original workflow in Priority or if you want to implement an original design app, Priority’s Web/Mobile SDK gives you all the tools you need – and more:

  • Allows developers to edit code for their own benefit in specific use cases
  • Released as a standard JavaScript Library making it accessible to the widest possible community of developers
  • Any web/mobile developer, even without prior knowledge of Priority, can create apps that use Priority as a back-end, such as designing a geographic map of their sales reps

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Why not start today? Learn more about Priority’s Web SDK and you too can quickly and easily develop applications.

Web SDK – Technical Documentation

Web SDK – Step-by-Step Tutorial