Connecting patient & technology for enhanced care

The healthcare industry is a dynamic, fast-paced business whose objectives are clear – improve service quality, enhance patient care and control costs. To achieve this, healthcare organizations and service providers invest tremendous efforts and resources in their business management systems.

Introducing Priority Healthcare, comprehensive healthcare ERP solutions built to meet the specific demands of healthcare businesses. Increased overheads, working across disparate systems, all awhile aiming to improve service quality, safety and access, are this industry’s greatest challenges. With its rich and proven track record across both public and private health facilities and organizations, Priority provides a comprehensive solution to address these challenges.

To remain competitive, organizations must quickly respond to market and legislative changes, customer demands and meet strict industry regulations and compliance. By implementing an ERP system, your organisation can gain a real-time view of its core business through various reports and analyses. Simply put, when you have all the information at hand, you can integrate company-wide management processes and improve customer service and engagement.

Priority Healthcare ERP software supports every facet of your business. From appointment scheduling to updating patient records while in the field, purchasing, invoicing and accounting and all the way to back-end processes, inventory and logistics, your staff has faster, more intuitive access to information when they need it most. Priority Healthcare is your link – effectively connecting between the patient and technology.

Patient / Case Management

Patient record management/electronic medical records (EMRs), including medical history, doctor visits, diagnoses, treatment, medical records, lab reports and patient accounting

Integrated Financials / Cost Control

Maintain full accountability with tight control of financial activities to help streamline processes; efficiently execute/monitor patient payments and debt collection

Patient / Clinical Treatment Tracking

Tracks and manages patient treatment plans, clinical treatments and procedures; includes system alerts and notifications when certain diagnostic conditions are met

Purchase Planning & Costing

  • Purchase planning and management of medical and operational equipment, including treatment and procedure costs

Report Generation

Productivity reports on department and/or individual level, with advanced reporting functionalities; conduct clinical analyses based on real-time data


Simplified operational, financial and human resource management


Connected, flexible and tailored systems for appointment scheduling, invoicing/collection and patient transfer/discharge


User-friendly interface, proficient stock monitoring, including expiration dates and multi-location management


Mobile access from any device/tablet, ideal for employees on-the-go or in the field