Fashion – ERP from Head to Toe!

The fashion industry has unique needs and requirements, making it particularly challenging for ERP systems. The industry relies on a fix matrix structure for vast amounts of end-products that are further divided according to model, colors and sizes, large number of transactions – sales and inventory, clothing lines/collections are ‘seasonal’ – constantly changing and have relatively short shelf-life.

Priority Fashion is an all-in-one solution that integrates your entire fashion retail business from POS operations to accounting and inventory management. Now you can effectively manage risks and gain complete control with one comprehensive solution. The dedicated module helps retailers improve demand forecast accuracy and recommend improved allocation and replenishment strategies. Enhanced visibility across the entire operational chain results in improved accuracy on the store floor and decreased time spent with order processing.

Priority Fashion effectively manages and controls every stage of the Collection Design Process, from in-depth analysis of previous seasons, launch plans and generating sales forecasts, to opening pre-purchase/purchase orders, conducting negotiations with suppliers, and creating a detailed distribution plan, including replenishment threshold.

Simply put, Priority Fashion helps our customers increase revenue and reduce operating costs – from head to toe!

Production File Management

Select base fabrics, sketch individual items and define set of dimensions for flat measurements

Catalog Number Creation

Quickly and easily define potential specs for any given model, including colors and measurements to create a matrix-based catalog numbers

Model Color & Size Matrixation

Principal tool to define model/color/size matrix, a multi-dimensional table to manage and control inventory transactions

Supplier Selection, Samples Control & Model Development Tracking

Effectively manage communications with suppliers, compare between suppliers based on quality, delivery schedules and prices; manage and track samples inspection/quality control, and define development stage tracking according to season/year

Supplier Purchasing Process

Define standard production process for all items, maintain reporting flexibility on completed production; define options for default activities in production process; conduct negotiations with selected suppliers, and define model/line according to the week the product is scheduled to launch in stores; launch date is defined prior to issuing purchase orders/determining delivery dates

Purchase Orders

Issue purchase orders immediately following pre-purchase stage; document ordered quantities per colors/sizes for each line, according to scheduled distribution plan; distribution plan is the basis for all purchase orders

Customer Orders, Receipt & Distribution

Report quantities received from a supplier in a matrix table and compare to items ordered, define product groups Wholesale/Franchise, distribution of merchandise to retail outlets according to detailed plan, and comprehensive management of ‘virtual’ and ‘actual’ (physical) lines

Define/Manage Distribution Plan

Define item varieties according to customer/model level or model/color level to override model distribution to some stores/outlets, set distribution/store priorities, and create detailed distribution plan for initial launch in stores

Comprehensive stock/inventory control

Receive detailed information from customer sales and find the right product mix to meet sales goals and maximize revenue

Improved warehouse efficiency

Dramatically reduces time and resources required to manage warehouse processes

Increased productivity

Benefit from extensive automation capabilities to improve work and sales processes

Efficient, real-time data updates

Shorten project turnaround time by updating warehouse/store data in a single, centralized database with reporting access

Head office control

Streamline operations with head office control over store pricing

Head office control

Streamline operations with head office control over store pricing